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Funk You! (FNKU)
FUNK YOU is a partnership between holding creative companies FLAG, the communication agency Dharma and the studios Colletivo and Arnold, that mixes art, business and social action to tell the story of funk, defend it as heritage and lifestyle and turn it in an open business model that involves the community.
In this contemporary context of funk, criminalized and globalized at the same time, we created the brand FUNK YOU, the open source of funk. That means it is open to anyone who wants to use it, free to ctrl + c ctrl + v to disseminate the symbolic content of funk, which can be reframed and incorporated into other types of context, and encourages the creation of a production chain of funk in the communities.
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    Design, illustration
    and creative direction.

    Half design, half illustration, Colletivo learned how to reborn from time to time. Absorbed by the culture of the past design and looking to the vanguard of the future, Colletivo in 2013 celebrate 10 years and accepted the transition. Has changed internally to move forward, believing in the power of design and, as an office, changed absorbed by the culture of design.

    Our social media area has grown more than we imagined. We created a Moonstro. And this monster develop strategy, content, media and monitoring. An amorphous agency, specialized in online communications (and offline, if necessary). From a Facebook page to a script to Youtube ads, Moonstro is here to help. It can be scary, until seeing closely.

    Behind the house, after a secret passage, is our technology lab where the magic happens. Hotsites, applications, games and all sorts of interactive projects, Battle Lab take up the idea and make it true, all with the visual backing of Colletivo.

    Share ideas, talents, initiative and references in illustration, design, music, art, photography, animation, fashion, movies and more - as well as projects of the best professionals in Brazil and the world. Defends with tooth and claw (and justice), the work rights realized by any graphic artist. One for all and all for one.


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    R. Uruana, 154
    Vila Mariana. São Paulo. SP


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    Phone 55 11 3881 0472


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