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We created the Better Call Saul game as a FanArt game for fans of the series and the classic games we played in the 1980s and 1990s, the story of the famous unscrupulous lawyer from the Netflix series. Live challenges in the skin of unknown lawyer Jimmy McGill in his transformation into the infamous Saul Goodman, originally famous for the famous Breaking Bad series. Colletivo was responsible for adapting the series’ narrative to the mechanics of four classic 8-bit era games, character creation, and game development for Android and iOS. Play the classics Snake (aka “La Serpiente”), Donkey Kong (aka “Billboard Fever”), Pac Man (aka “Pac Mike”) and Space Invaders (aka “Space Inmates”) in this 3-language Colletivo-designed re-adaptation (Portuguese, English and Spanish) and enjoy!


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Known for developing and transforming design strategically for large startup companies, Colletivo Design works with branding, graphic and digital design, illustration, packaging, signage, digital facilities for advertising, film, music and entertainment in almost 15 years of history.

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