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Promotional poster for the documentary Leões de Paraisópolis, directed by Danilo Mantovani and Guga Ferri in a co-production between ESPN and Spanda. Created by experienced rugby players, the Instituto Rugby para Todos (Rugby for All Institute) was motivated by the need for educational e leisure activities in the Paraisópolis community in São Paulo. Through an innovative methodology developed since 2004, IRPT has implemented a citizen training program that can be replicated in other vulnerable communities in the country. And that is how the rugby team Leões de Paraisópolis came to be. For the creation of the poster, Guga Ferri briefed us with everything that constitutes rugby as a sport, including values ​​of unity, discipline and friendship. The final result speaks for itself: the lettering and visual identity were made to blend with the scenery and narrative. 

Using a technique that combines collage and illustration of the buildings and houses from Paraisópolis, we created the image of a rugby player, representing the strength of the community as a whole.



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