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How to help a professional recruitment company, which works in the communication area and is already a reference in it, to reposition itself and adapt its experience to the demands of recruiters and candidates? That’s how we started to create the mission “Every future starts with people”, together with Trampos. Finding a new job can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely journey, so our challenge was to think of a visual identity that could talk to the different stakeholders of the brand. How to do this? With a visual identity system that went beyond the brand, therefore, we developed a family of icons, which also became illustrations capable of telling a little about the trajectory of those who hire and those who apply.



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Known for developing and transforming design strategically for large startup companies, Colletivo Design works with branding, graphic and digital design, illustration, packaging, signage, digital facilities for advertising, film, music and entertainment in almost 18 years of history.

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